Moments of Living Frugal

Moments of Living Frugal – Top 5 Reasons Why I Live A Modernized Frugal Lifestyle

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adjective- economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.
Per that is the definition of being Frugal. If I may since this is my blog I would like to tweak the word and the definition to read as:
Modernized Frugal-
adjective- a wise person who has an appreciation for quality things, people and places but is cognizant in how they spend both their time and money as to not waste; and is generous in how they save and give.
When someone mentions the word frugal you might imagine, a person who drives around in a beat up car from years ago, with windows that roll up and down (what are power windows and doors?): a person who has worn the same sneakers for the past 10 years (and that’s their only pair of sneakers) and washes the shoe laces so that they don’t have to buy new ones; a person who always opts for water at a restaurant because its free instead of getting another kind of beverage that has a price; a person who only shops with coupons and I do mean only shops with coupons. I could go on and on, but I think you catch my drift. I’m not quite that person but I have my own modernized frugal tendencies. 
To be honest I haven’t always lived my life-like this. 2011 is when my life needed a change and needed it quick. I had started a new job, which of course required that I have different work attire (business casual) and that meant I could no longer wear jeans and sneakers to work as often as I did at previous jobs. I had also added a few pounds to my body over time and any old clothing that was business casual in my closet pre-baby was no longer fitting or shall I say fitting correctly. I needed a lifestyle change.
I was beginning to feel that in many ways my time was being wasted on things and people who were just no longer good for me (this is a constant area of development). My life at the time had its dreadful moments where it made no sense at all. Not because of irregular occurrences happening but more so because of my blatant poor choices. I was tired and needed a lifestyle change.
I could always appreciate having some extra cash in the stash back then. To be honest I wasn’t ever 100 percent bad with money, but I also wasn’t even close to being a strong 80 percent good with it either. Having a child means that you spend more money a lot of times then what you’d anticipate. Part of being a good parent means being better prepared. I needed a lifestyle change not just for me but for my daughter too.
So in 2011, I made the choice to not just change but to grow and 6 years later I haven’t even as so much peeked over my shoulder to look back and revert to living the way I once did before. When people think of the word frugal they automatically attach it with money, but I really do believe that it is an overall lifestyle that can be achieved. I have such a fresher outlook on life now than I did 6 years ago and it’s becoming more improved by the day. I have to attribute that all to my choice of deciding to live a Modernized Frugal Lifestyle. It has helped me more than it could ever hinder me. Here are the my Top 5 Reasons that I believe can benefit someone when living a Modernized Frugal Lifestyle
Reason #1- You Have More Options For Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, etc.
How is that possible? It’s possible because 90 percent of my clothing, shoes and accessories come from the local thrift stores such as the Goodwill, Savers, and the Salvation Army, etc.. I am also a huge fan of consignment shops as well. I’ve had pretty decent success with online thrift stores too. If I see it and its good quality as well as in good condition, then for a steal of a price I will go ahead and buy it. I snag just about anything in my size that I can envision myself styling. This has afforded me the ability to collect well over 20 blazers, 50 dresses, 40 handbags, and too many shoes to count. A great majority of what I’ve been able to get my hands on at times, turns out to be high from end designers too. **I do not purchase undergarments including socks, bed attire or swimsuits secondhand, I’ve got to draw the line somewhere, LOL!**
Reason #2- You Have A Mental Note Of Where Your Money Has Gone.
When you live a Modernized Frugal Lifestyle you are less likely to buy impulsively. You are much more the Nerd than the Free Spirit as Dave Ramsey says. So you study the price by comparing it to a similar item or seeing what that exact item might cost you elsewhere. You really ask yourself if it’s in the budget. You even sometimes keep hold of your receipts because if you’re shopping at thrift stores there is always a tax advantage at the end of the year. Who doesn’t like the tax deduction?!?! And lastly you aren’t buying things that you don’t need just so that you can say that you have it. You can really see where your money has been spent.
Reason #3- Your Time Spent Comes With Purpose And Not With Pressure.
Living a Modernized Frugal Lifestyle does include how, where, when and with whom you spend your time. My goal is to try to walk away from every encounter that I’ve had throughout my day and be able to say that there was an understanding for me being there. If I can’t say that, then I’ve essentially wasted my time. Time that I will not get back. The point in being frugal with your time is so that nothing gets wasted. If my time and effort don’t have a thing to show for it then I have lost out and I probably had to force myself to be there. We don’t have to go to every place that we are invited, nor do we have to say “yes” to every person that wants to engage us in conversation that isn’t productive. 
Reason #4- I Can Be A Good Role Model.
I enjoy seeing other men and women achieve a lifestyle that they are not just comfortable with but that they can also live without limits. Sounds like an oxymoron but in actuality it’s not. To be a good role model you have to exemplify a message that you believe is worth being pursued by the masses. I truly do believe that living a Modern Frugal Lifestyle has way more benefits than trying to keep up with the Jones’, maxing out credit cards, living paycheck to paycheck, not having a savings, robbing Peter to pay Paul and other things. If I can succeed at doing it then so can anyone.
Reason #5- It Allows Me To Increase My Giving.
I absolutely love giving. Allow me to clarify before it goes left. I don’t take well to enabling but I do love giving. Living a Modernized Frugal Lifestyle allows for me to give freely where I see that there is a need and also where I hear God tell me that I need to give. It could be in the drive thru line at Chick-Fil-A or it could be something more major like donating to a cause or charity organization. Not only does this lifestyle allow for me to give financially but it also allows for me to give of my time too. Lives are changed when someone opens their hand and heart to those in need.
So there you have my Top 5 Reasons why I live a Modernized Frugal Lifestyle. If you want more tips on how you can achieve this lifestyle go to my contact page and send me a message and I’ll be sure to give you more tips that can get you on your way to living a quality comfortable life without limits.  

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