Moments with God- A Moment of Clarity: Embarrassment

The Moment You Realize the Difference Between

Your Personal Embarrassment vs. Your Spiritual Embarrassment.

You are walking into a room full of people and the floor is a bit slippery but you’re still going to walk across the floor like you own the place, and that right heel glides a little bit more than you would appreciate and off you go headed for the floor. Or what about going into a store and you have all of your stuff ready at the checkout and the cashier goes to swipe your card and it comes back “declined” and the people standing behind you are staring. I could name countless other incidents that I could think of that might result in someone being personally embarrassed.

FullSizeRender (2)

With personal embarrassment you get up, walk out, and dust yourself off and life goes on as usual; however with Spiritual Embarrassment life goes on not as usual but as unusual. What was once a way of life to you is no longer the case; you will adapt a new mindset that will cause for new actions. Spiritual Embarrassment has a way of shattering your heart, making you cry from a place you’ve never cried from before.  It has the potential ability to put your miscalculation of action on display for others to see and possibly judge.  These things could include a pregnancy not being married, a divorce, an affair, or even legal issues to name a few. When we proclaim to be a follower of Jesus Christ and yet have these missteps it not only makes us look bad but Christ as well to the person/people watching. But thankfully God is still not ashamed of us.


It is true and scripture is very clear on how God forgives us and also how people shouldn’t judge when they are willingly having missteps of their own, but it doesn’t remove the fact that when Spiritual Embarrassment takes place it causes you to look more closely and deeFullSizeRender (3)per at self then at the people around you pointing, whispering and squinting their eyes. I believe that once we have a private one-of-a-kind encounter with God about our fault then we come to an honest realization that we just can’t honor Him, and be a good witness of all of who He is, yet hold on to doing things our way outside of His will.

People standing around watching you crumble from Spiritual Embarrassment, aren’t always going to be polite and understanding but once you’ve taken your Spiritual Embarrassment to the Lord who again isn’t one bit of ashamed, surprised at your action or disappointed in you, you accept His grace and mercy, and pick yourself up, and proceed with life in an unusual way that offers redemption, unconditional love, and a new outlook on doing things differently from that point forward. Guilt and shame are no longer a part of your identity, for it has been replaced with greatness and value. So all in all there are really some great benefits that can come out of a moment of Spiritual Embarrassment. No matter whether it gets out to the public or if it’s an incident between you and the Lord, seek to be transformed and not remain the same after the misstep.

Have you experienced Spiritual Embarrassment and what did you learn from it?






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