Moments With God- Moment of Clarity: Where Are My Goals?

If you’re on social media often you might have seen this hashtag floating around a lot: #goals. One thing is for certain in order for one to achieve what they’ve seen someone else do they’ve got to put in their very own work.

Somewhere along the trail of life happening to you, you make these great goals and then as other things began to get twisted into your plans, the goals somehow get sat aside and you can’t quite remember where you left them or even where you left off on making them happen.

Does this sound familiar to you? I know there have been many times that I have set goals to do this or to do that and the next thing I know, I look up and its mid 2017. What I’ve learned is that time is not a friend of any of ours and it will not wait on us to decide what to do or not to do. It will kindly skip on without us.

I joked with myself recently, yet found a hint of seriousness in my statement: “Jeanna, you need a manager.” Truth is lot’s of people do not like being told what to do by someone else. They believe they know everything. They believe that they know exactly what will work best for their future. I do agree that to a certain extent that might be accurate, but if you are one who struggles, procrastinates, or simply forgets to get things done, then having someone check up on you each day or at least each week to make sure tasks are being completed, might help you in accomplishing your goals.

Researching on time, I found that on average it takes a person up to 1 year to write a book. I seriously know people who have been trying to write books for 3 plus years. I’m sure the content will be great, but for some reason or another they just cant get it done. Businesses, have been thought of and sometimes the furthest that they make it, is to being executed on paper and that’s where the idea sits for months, and sometimes years before anything is done if anything at all. We truthfully live in a stalling society. Sometimes, however long that we can stall before we begin working is what we’ll do. Sad but true.

Why is it so hard to achieve our goals? Are they unrealistic? Are too many variables involved, like people, lack of money, applications needing to be filled out, etc.? Are we not really sure that is what we want to do? How we answer these questions will confess to us our level of passion towards what we want to complete in life. Even if our answers aren’t encouraging, we have the ability to still produce inspiring work, if we just get to work.

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Here are 5 Key Steps To Achieving Your Goals

Ask God– Sometimes we are soooooo quick to just start working on things that God has not called us to work on. Its important that we seek Him first to be sure that this is part of His will for us. No sense in putting time and effort into something that will yield no dividends. God has authority over our goals even though He gives us freewill to decide what we want to do. If we’re smart we will stay right within His jurisdiction when setting our goals because then we’ll know its a guaranteed win.

Write Your Goals In An Actual Journal– Anything that you handwrite first versus type means that you’ve already applied more effort. Carry your journal with you, as new ideas come up, write them down so that you wont forget. Edit, highlight, and scratch things out as you go along if you need to. List the details of the goal, such as how long it will take, what people you might need to help you, what other resources you’ll need, how you’ll feel once its completed, and if it has the ability to impact the community.

Identify Your Why– Next to each goal that you have, you need to identify why its a goal for you. Why is it going to take the amount of time that you have estimated? Why are the resources that you’ve listed needed to bring this goal to life? Why you’ll truly be happy once this goal has been achieved? Knowing your why, will have you working with a purpose. No one wants to work for something and not know why. What it is that you’re working for? Everything has a purpose in some way shape or form and you need to tell yourself why that’s so, about your goals.

Design A Time Table/Outline- This can be as fancy or as basic as you want it to look. If you’re really into graphs and tables then I’d expect for yours to look superb, LOL! However many folks like myself will just do a written outline. Either way you do it, your Time Table/Outline needs to identify the estimated timeframe that it will take to complete your goal. It should break it down to a schedule. See this will serve as your manager. The cool thing is that although its your manager you’ve actually created your own work schedule. My suggestion is that you stick with being more realistic than more in a hurry. If you try to hurry you run the potential of burn out. If you take your time and savor the moment of each step then you have time to go back and tweak things, and scratch things out like mentioned in the 2nd step. So envision where you are today and tell yourself that you are giving yourself realistically til the end of the year (however long) to write your book (or whatever goal you have in mind). That means your Time Table/Outline should have twelve months written out. It should list how many chapters you’re going to work on in that month. If your goal has anything to do with needing to save money then on that Time Table/Outline it should address how much money you will need to have saved by the end of that month. Again this is your manager, its telling you exactly what needs to be done. If you had to follow these rules, are they written in a way that you can understand and follow without error? If yes, perfect. If not go back and fix it. What you don’t want is while you’re trying to achieve your goals is to not understand why it is that you’ve written what you wrote. The overall bottom line in this is to realistically be able to check things off as you go. Lastly, this Time Table/Outline should also be posted in multiple places where you can see it everyday and it can be exported to your phone.

Celebrate Your Small Achievements– I believe that one should give themselves a pat on the back when they are accomplishing something great. So your pat on the back might be treating yourself to an Iced Coffee, if you’ve had to sacrifice giving it up while you save money. Once you’ve scratched something off of your Time Table/Outline, go ahead and treat yourself to something within reason. Think of what your grand gift to yourself will be once you’ve achieved this goal overall. Will it be a handbag, or will be a vacation you’ve always wanted to take or something else. You decide!

No matter what I want you to know that your goals are not far fetched, they aren’t unreasonable. After all life is about experiences. You can do it. Stay encouraged, stay on top of it of your Time Table/Outline, and most importantly do not forget to consult with the Lord. He loves you and will withhold no good thing from you.

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Some Wrap Up Questions

  1. Have you always been successful at completing your goals and if so how? If you haven’t always been successful at completing your goals ask yourself what main thing has stopped you?
  2. Do you find that you work best alone or in a team environment?
  3. Do you make New Years Resolutions? If so, do you complete them or when do you notice that they begin to become more of a bother instead of a blessing?

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