A Moment About Jeanna B..

Take a moment and get to know Jeanna B.!

Who is Jeanna B.?

She is a wordy, thirty-something year old woman, who adores the Lord. She is a single mother to her daughter. A friend who loves to laugh. A family member who shares in many learning experiences. A full-time Federal Government professional. And one who seriously loves all things womanly including shopping resale for clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, and doesn’t mind loading up on beauty products. One to be considered thoughtful for being wise with money coupled with being a giver makes her heart happy. She is a true non-conformists and undoubtedly cherishes a good Chick-Fil-A milkshake and has a super crush on her super boyfriend.

What is the target brand for Life Moments With Jeanna B.?

This is an expressive lifestyle blog covering moments that Jeanna B. shares with her readers when it comes to being frugal, spending time with God and being a single mother. Each one of these topics encapsulates her lifestyle in a snapshot. The brand is simply classified as: Classic, Chic, Called, and Canny.

What is Jeanna B.’s signature scripture and what does that mean to her?

Her signature scripture is Proverbs 31:11- “So that he shall have no need of spoil. 

What that means to her is that she does not waste her time or money on unproductive, slothful activities. She is a productive asset to her family, friends, coworkers and community. She is not a financial liability, wastefully shopping too much, incurring credit card debts and causing financial loss; rather she expands her finances with her industrious talents from the home and outside of the home.


What is Jeanna B.’s favorite thing that she’s thrifted or purchased at a consignment shop?

Not sure if she has just one favorite thing that she’s purchased resale. She has snagged some pretty incredible pieces over the years but to just narrow it down to the last 6 months, it would have to be this vintage black, white, and tan colored coat. It was picked up from a local consignment shop here in Baltimore, Maryland and the price originally was like 120.00, the manager sold it for 80.00 without her needing to ask for a cheaper price! Favor, LOL!

What does Jeanna B. like to watch on television?

When she is able to watch television, she enjoys watching old reruns of Martin, A Different World, Good Times, Girlfriends, and Everybody Hates Chris. Newer shows, like Empire, Being Mary Jane, and just about anything that comes on the Wealth Channel on the weekends keeps her attention.  

What does Jeanna B. enjoy most about being a mother?

She enjoy’s most seeing the changes in her daughter mentally, physically and in her personality as she gets older. Raigan, has such a great memory. does super incredible flips and she has crazy entertainment energy. She’s always singing, doing a Youtube video or something. She’s unique and purposed in her own way.

Whats a good lesson Jeanna B. has learned not long ago regarding relationships with family and friends?

A good lesson learned is that life is a constant development. As life continues to move along and change, you’ll without doubt begin to see how your development may or may not change the direction that your family and friends take as it pertains to you.

What is Jeanna B. hoping that her readers will get from your blog?

That they’ll get authenticity as it relates to how she lives her life, and how she wants them to live theirs too. That she loves being frugal and her heart wants to be a good witness for the Lord. Her readers should also know that life is not about competition but instead about cultivating. Piece together a life that you love and that you can feel not just okay about but great about.

Fun Fact about Jeanna B..

She collects Barbie Dolls and has since age 5. That could be the reason why she loves fashion so much today because if she wasnt changing her clothes she was always changing her dolls clothes, LOL!